What is the Small Basin in the Sink Used For?

What is the Small Basin in the Sink Used For?

The kitchen is the beating heart of the home, which is why the choice of sink and the small basin are so important.

This article focuses on a detail that is often underestimated: the small basin in the sink, its functions, and the various options available on the market.

An additional small basin may seem like a secondary element in sink design, but it plays a crucial role in its efficiency and functionality.

Over the years, the world of kitchen sinks has become increasingly diversified, offering a variety of options ranging from classic single-bowl sinks to double-bowl models and new materials like Kuarzite. Each of them can have an additional element added: the tray. But what is the real purpose of this tool?

Later on, we will explore its usefulness in detail, highlighting its multiple functions and practical advantages it offers in the kitchen. It will be a comprehensive guide to help you understand how this small component can make a big difference in your daily culinary experience.

So, get ready to dive into a world of innovation and convenience as we discover together the crucial role of the small basin in the sink.

Sink Tray: How You Can Use It

So small yet so functional: let's explore the many ways in which you can utilize this element to make your kitchen experience more efficient and enjoyable. The additional tray in the sink is like a versatile assistant, ready to perform various tasks that simplify your daily activities.

1. Pre-washing and Sorting Dishes

One of the main functions of the tray is to serve as an area for preliminary dish sorting and rinsing. You can use it to scrape off food residues from your dishes, glasses, and utensils before putting them in the dishwasher or starting manual washing. This helps keep the main basin clean and prevents the risk of drain blockages.

2. Thawing Frozen Foods

A sink with a small basin is also an ideal choice when you need to thaw frozen foods. Fill it with room-temperature water and immerse frozen items to expedite the thawing process. This is particularly useful when you're in a hurry to cook and want to save time.

3. Washing and Rinsing Cutlery and Small Items

Smaller items like cutlery, glasses, and small pots can be conveniently washed and rinsed in the tray. This option is particularly beneficial when you have only a few items to wash or want to conserve water.

4. Washing Fresh Produce

If you're a cooking enthusiast who loves preparing fresh fruits and vegetables, the small sink basin can be used for washing these ingredients. Fill the tray with water and immerse the produce to remove dirt and chemical residues before cooking or consuming.

5. Water Savings

Another notable advantage is water conservation. While washing dishes in a larger basin requires a greater amount of water, the small tray allows you to use a limited amount of water for minor washing and rinsing activities. This way, you reduce overall water consumption in the kitchen.

What is the Small Basin in the Sink Used For?

Choose the Sink with a Basin that Suits Your Needs

Depending on the available space and the countertop chosen for your kitchen, you can opt for a single-bowl or double-bowl sink. To this, you can add a small tray that can be conveniently placed when needed.

Evhoc offers various types of sinks that can be customized in terms of size and material. Let's delve more deeply into the various tray models available and applicable to both single and double-bowl sinks.

Small Trays for Sinks: Evhoc's Offerings

Among the accessories provided by Evhoc are the trays, which can be applied to our single-bowl or double-bowl sinks. You can choose a stainless steel model, such as the Metal Tray, suitable as a utensil drainer, vegetable washing station, sponge holder, or an aesthetic cover for both the sink and kitchen top, available in sizes M or L.

Alternatively, you can select a polypropylene model like the Poly Tray, refined and suitable for all types of kitchens. Our team of experts will help you compose your kitchen work station, guiding you through the various purchasing options comfortably online for your new sink.

The Sink Tray: A Unique Accessory

Whether you're preparing a simple family meal or experimenting with gourmet recipes, an accessory like the small tray in the sink will be there to save you time, effort, and resources, helping to make your kitchen an even more functional place.

Regardless of the configuration you choose, whether it's a single-bowl or double-bowl sink, remember that the additional tray is a reliable and versatile ally. Using it wisely can not only simplify your daily activities but also help you conserve precious resources like water.