What is Kuarzite and why do we use it at Evhoc?

What is Kuarzite and why do we use it at Evhoc?

Kuarzite is a unique material created by Evhoc for its sinks. Find out why it’s the best material for a kitchen sink and why we use it.

Choosing the kitchen sink is a step that cannot be taken for granted: it is an essential component of our homes, it is one of the most used elements in the kitchen and it is here, where we wash and prepare the food that we will then consume.

This is why it is essential to choose a material for your kitchen sink that can be functional, easy to clean, long-lasting and resistant to scratches, bumps and sudden changes in temperature at the same time.

Added to this, is the need to choose a sink that is in line with our personal taste, with our aesthetic sense and with the design style we have chosen for our kitchen and, more generally, for our home.

In conclusion, functionality and design: two elements that blend perfectly in the Kuarzite sinks by Evhoc. In this short article we will explore the main characteristics of this innovative material and review its main strengths:

What is Kuarzite?

To begin with, let's immediately clear up a possible misunderstanding: Kuarzite is not quartzite and that initial K is not a simple typo!

Kuarzite is a unique and innovative material created by Evhoc, an Italian company that offers a large catalog of 100% made in Italy design products including sinks, mixers and accessories such as grids, trays and multifunctional cutting boards.

In detail, it is a material composed of granite and acrylic resin, which has an aesthetic result very similar to natural stone and characteristics and properties similar to the raw materials that make up this innovative material.

We will shortly explore the main characteristics of Kuarzite: for now, it is enough to know that it is this particular composition, combined with Evhoc's professionalism and spirit of innovation, that makes Kuarzite the ideal material for your kitchen sink.

What are the main characteristics of Kuarzite?

Kuarzite has similar characteristics to the materials that compose it: granite and acrylic resin. Granite is one of the most abundant rocks on Earth: technically, it is an intrusive igneous rock formed by the slow solidification of magma that has been introduced at depths of between 1.5 and 50 kilometers.

It is a very resistant material which, combined with the acrylic resin, acquires even more value, giving life to a unique and innovative product such as Kuarzite.

Acrylic resin is waterproof, non-toxic, smooth, ductile, resistant to high temperatures and impact. It is available in different colors and has a smooth and porous surface which is therefore easy to clean. All characteristics that are also found in Evhoc's Kuarzite sinks.

In summary, the main characteristics of Kuarzite sinks are:

  • waterproof;
  • non-toxic;
  • durability over time;
  • impact and scratch resistance;
  • resistance to thermal shock;
  • easy to clean. 
What is Kuarzite and why do we use it at Evhoc?

How is a Kuarzite sink made?

Evhoc's Kuarzite sinks are made through a particular process which allows to guarantee the resistance and robustness of the final product, as well as to obtain a smooth, porous surface with a distinctly elegant cut.

In detail, the production process allows the Kuarzite to be poured and mixed inside a mold at very high temperatures, up to 700° C, in order to obtain a very homogeneous material in all parts of the sink.

Furthermore, the process allows the product to take on greater stability and durability and to maintain, as we will see later, a high quality colour, not subject to smudges or yellowing over time.

Evhoc's Kuarzite sinks, available in various sizes in the drop-in and undermount versions, are compatible with practically all the kitchens in the market. They have rounded internal corners without sharp edges to facilitate cleaning operations and have tanks up to 22 centimeters high, useful for cleaning large pots and pans.

The variety of colors of Evhoc Kuarzite sinks

Simplicity and functionality are therefore the words that best summarize the main characteristics of Kuarzite sinks. But, as we know, even the eye wants it’s part (famous Italian proverb). And in the age in which kitchens become real design spaces, it is good to choose a sink that is in line with our personal taste and our aesthetic sense.

Also in this case the Kuarzite comes to our rescue. The material has an aesthetic result very similar to natural stone and a pleasant and elegant appearance, capable of giving a touch of sophistication and preserving the design atmosphere that we have chosen for our kitchen.

Furthermore, Evhoc Kuarzite sinks are available in numerous colours: black, white, dove grey, oatmeal and concrete grey. Many possible variations to choose the color of the ideal sink for the chromatic composition that characterizes your kitchen.

The manufacturing process of Evhoc Kuarzite sinks takes place at high temperatures, which also allows the color to penetrate inside the material and to remain stable and long-lasting over time, without running the risk that the sink may fade, turn yellow or become irreparably dirty over time.

If you want to touch the quality of Evhoc products and calmly choose the ideal color of your Kuarzite sink, you can buy our Kuarzite Color Box: inside you will find three samples in three different colors (black, white and concrete grey), who can guide you to choosing the best sink for your kitchen.

What is Kuarzite and why do we use it at Evhoc?

The strengths of Kuarzite sinks

At this point, it should be clear by now why Kuarzite is the ideal choice for your kitchen sink: this unique and innovative material is resistant and long-lasting, it can tolerate shocks and sudden changes in temperature, maintaining its elegant and sophisticated line over time.

It is available in different colors and can therefore match best with all the design styles chosen for your kitchen and home, whether modern or classic, satisfying your aesthetic sense and your personal taste.

It is for these same reasons that we at Evhoc have decided to develop and focus decisively on this material, ideal for the kitchen sink you were looking for.

Evhoc Kuarzite kitchen sinks have a ten-year guarantee, a clear sign of the reliance we place on our products, the ideal solution, we are sure, to satisfy all your functional and design needs.