The perfect kitchen mixer by Evhoc

The perfect kitchen mixer by Evhoc

Are you looking for the perfect kitchen mixer? Discover the technology and exclusive finishes of Evhoc’s products.

The kitchen mixer is one of the essential elements to complete the washing station. Not only facilitates the daily washing operations, but it can also be a focal point to underline the style and design of the entire kitchen environment.

For more than forty years, Evhoc has dedicated its experience to the design of high quality kitchen faucets. Evhoc mixers are designed to ensure an optimal performance but also offer unique design features in the domestic space.

Choosing between the different Evhoc creations is not immediate because all the products that we offer own excellent characteristics, thanks to the introduction of innovative technologies. Yet, with this article, we want to help you define which is the perfect kitchen mixer from Evhoc and capable of matching your specific desires.

In this article we will explore:

The importance of choosing a kitchen mixer well

Choosing a perfect kitchen mixer means acquiring a product capable of facilitating daily activities. The faucet placed on the kitchen sink, in fact, performs the tasks of washing, cleaning and sanitizing food, cutlery and pans. But the mixers on the market do not all guarantee the same potential.

First things first, making sure you choose a high-quality faucet is essential to:

  • Avoid unwanted water leaks
  • Extend the life cycle of the mixer
  • Have convenience in the daily use
  • Maintain the aesthetic characteristics of the kitchen faucet over time

In addition to these prerogatives, which in our opinion are essential, the mixers can have various characteristics to distinguish over the different models.

For example, there are options such as swivel spout taps or mixers with pull-out sprayers that can offer additional functionality, allowing easy water filling of pots and greater flexibility of use of the mixer itself.

Key features of an ideal kitchen faucet

To orient yourself in choosing the kitchen tap, we can take into consideration the main aspects that characterize it:

  • Type of spout: it can be removable or not, to direct the jet in a more targeted way
  • With or without pull-out shower: the extractable hand shower allows easy filling of specific containers with water
  • Rotation capacity: the faucet can reach 360° to reach every point of the sink
  • Style of the mixer: the design of the kitchen faucet should always integrate with the style of the environment in which it is inserted

In addition to these features, the most advanced mixers can also be equipped with additional technology. And precisely on this last aspect, Evhoc products offer decidedly above-average performance.

In fact, Evhoc kitchen taps are designed with a technology that even saves water. This functionality is in line with the vision of the company which has always operated with respect for the environment. And in the event of water leaks, we specify that the Evhoc’s flexible pipes of the mixers are insurance cover. But now, let's figure out in detail what we are referring to.

The perfect kitchen mixer by Evhoc

Energy Saving technology of the Evhoc kitchen faucet

Evhoc's Energy Saving technology allows you to avoid wasting hot water. How is it possible? The company's models are designed in a way that favors the opening of the mixer to the cold water position.

The aim is to prevent the tap from being opened on the hot water side, if this is not really necessary at the moment.

Opening the kitchen mixer tap is an activity that is often performed quickly and almost automatically. Therefore, it may happen that you open the tap from the unnecessary side. The additional Energy Saving technology intervenes precisely to prevent this from happening. It saves domestic hot water and therefore helps to avoid wasting such a precious resource.

The Energy Saving technology reflects the innovative approach of the brand. It also represents the company's desire to produce furnishing elements that are not only functional but also designed to safeguard our natural resources.

Types of Evhoc kitchen mixers

So far we have focused on the presentation of the features offered by the kitchen mixers and on the particular technology studied by Evhoc. But for choosing the perfect kitchen mixer it is also necessary to make a decision based on style. So now let's focus on the aesthetic aspect of the products offered by Evhoc.

The company creates mixers with different types of spout:

  • High and straight: to ensure functionality merge with a simple design
  • Swan neck: to present a sinuous shape, functional in the kitchen environment

Even the finishes of the mixers can have different characteristics. The Evhoc models are divided by its finishes:

  • Chromed: brilliant and timeless, suitable for any style of kitchen
  • Satin: nickel-colored, discreet and elegant
  • Coloured: black, gray and white for a perfect harmony with the furnishings
  • Matt: they integrate perfectly with the colors of the kitchen, following an original and innovative taste

Evhoc also offers various colors ranging from nickel to white, from black to concrete gray as well as all the nuances of the matt color scheme to which we are now dedicating an in-depth analysis.

Evhoc's opaque mixers

Choosing an opaque kitchen mixer is undoubtedly an exclusive and contemporary preference. And yet, contrary to what one might assume, opaque mixers are becoming more and more popular.

One of the prerogatives of opaque colours, also defined as "matt", is its elegant and sophisticated appearance. The opaque mixer taps therefore give a touch of personality to the kitchen and represent a very valid alternative to the brilliant finish typical of polished stainless steel.

But the strengths of the matt finish are also functional. Compared to a shiny tap, the matt kitchen mixer can be more resistant to signs of wear and fingerprints, thus keeping the product always beautiful and clean.

Specifically, Evhoc's Opaque line offers a 100% matte finish, zero porous and extra smooth. The opaque colors available are:

  • Romantic red
  • Light white
  • Bold black
  • Modern gray
  • Retro beige
  • Industrial green

Evhoc's Opaque mixers can all be combined with the famous Fenix finishes and the models in the catalog are:

The perfect kitchen mixer by Evhoc

The conscious choice of a kitchen mixer

Finding the kitchen mixer requires the evaluation of both functional and aesthetic aspects, which can guarantee maximum reliability and harmony. The Evhoc kitchen faucet represents an informed choice that guarantees lasting satisfaction.

All Evhoc products are 100% made in Italy and represent a perfect combination, solving customer needs with a design capable of offering practicality and, at the same time, giving a sign of uniqueness to the home environment.