The best undermount sinks by Evhoc

The best undermount sinks by Evhoc

Evhoc manufactures high quality undermount sinks. Choose the model that’s best for you, in steel or Kuarzite.

Which are the best undermount sinks by Evhoc? The choice is not immediate because all Evhoc sinks are carefully designed to best respond to customer needs.

Evhoc is a 100% Italian brand and comes from a solid and decades-long experienced reality in the kitchen furniture sector. The company creates design products capable of integrate with any style, from classic to contemporary, offering a high-level selection. Among these, also undermount sinks.

The brand’s products are designed and manufactured to ensure innovative aesthetics but also impeccable performance. In terms of strength, durability, ease of cleaning and maintenance.

So read our article to carefully choose the Evhoc undermount sink that best suits your needs and in line with the design of your kitchen.

You will find guidelinesbasic and essential, in which we will develop the following points:

Types of Evhoc sink: countertop, flush and undermount kitchen sink

Evhoc manufactures sink models that are possible to group into three different types:

  1. Over-mount models
  2. Flush-mount models
  3. Under-mount models

The main difference between the three models lies in their diversity of installation.

In most kitchens it is usual to find installation of the Above-top type. According to this type of built-in, the tub is positioned inside the specific hole in the countertop but the edges emerge on the surface of the top. The thickness that emerges is minimal, but useful for preventing water from leaking onto the kitchen top.

A model that, on the other hand, does not invade the surface of the support surface in any way is the Flush-mount one. This type of product is installed flush with the kitchen top, this helps to maintain the linearity of the entire surface. In this case, it is a minimal solution that creates balance with the surroundings.

Undermount sinks define in an even more evident way, compared to the flush-mount models, the total continuity between the bowl and the countertop surface. In this typology, in fact, the upper edge of the sink remains even under the surface of the top.

At a glance, therefore, the undermount sinks appear to be completely concealed components, thanks to a precise installation inside the compartment intended for the built-in.

When to choose undermount kitchen sinks

Now that you know the difference between the three installation types, let's go one step further. Let's understand together when does the undermount kitchen sink can be the best choice for your environment.

It must be said that some Evhoc customers direct their choice towards a sink which is able to impose itself on the space, albeit in a very discreet way, siting with the edges on the surface. And this, as we have just described, is the case of over-mount sinks.

But many other customers, on the other hand, prefer an element that can integrate harmoniously with the furniture, without emphasizing its presence in any way. We are referring, in particular, to undermount sinks.

If your kitchen is an environment:

  • Balanced: with clean shapes and no obvious decorations
  • In a contemporary style: with a current design
  • With essential furnishing lines: the strong point is the functionality of the kitchen

then here you could orient yourself on an undermount sink.

The best undermount sinks by Evhoc

The material of undermount kitchen sinks

The choice of material for the undermount kitchen sink is crucial. In addition to the aesthetic evaluation, in fact, it is also necessary to take into consideration other factors, such as:

  • Functionality
  • Durability
  • Ease of cleaning

A kitchen sink responds to daily use so it can be subject to current damage. Rust, limescale, food residues, aggressive detergents or rough sponges are all elements that can compromise the surface of the tub.

Yet we cannot keep away from water flowing over the sink just as we cannot avoid washing food and cleaning dishes.

So how can we decided the best choice of undermount sink, combining beautypracticality of use and high-level performance?

The solutions offered by Evhoc can help us.

Undermount sink in steel

Evhoc creates products in AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel with a high nickel and chromium content. We are talking about a timeless, long-lasting and hygienic material.

This type of steel is resistant to high temperatures, corrosion and is not affected by rust. On a chromatic level, it offers a homogeneous and brilliant surface.

Evhoc steel undermount sinks are easy to clean but we still recommend treating the surfaces with soft cloths, avoiding the use of steel plates, abrasive brushes and aggressive chemical products.

It is enough to follow the simple recommendations to ensure the cleanliness of the steel sink while maintaining its high quality and perfect conservation.

Evhoc produces steel undermount sinks of various sizes, with one bowl and two bowls. The choice of the size of the sink is obviously conditioned by the space available.

In a small kitchen, the single bowl sink is the most recommended. While, on a large countertop, which perhaps dominates the kitchen island, the double bowl undermount sink often proves to be the most harmonious solution.

Undermount sink in steel Lumium

The Lumium undermount model belongs to the Evhoc collection of steel sinks revisited with a contemporary design and a brilliant scotch-brite satin finish. Lumium products have different sizes:

  • Lumium XL:extra-large version with two bowls
  • Lumium M:standard version with one bowl
  • Lumium S: small version with one or two bowls

Kuarzite sink

Evhoc not only uses eternal materials such as steel but also creates high quality products thanks to the use of Kuarzite. It is a compound formed by natural granite and acrylic resin. On an aesthetic level, this innovative material generates a very similar effect of natural stone.

Kuarzite iseasy to clean, resistant to scratches and thermal shock.The Kuarzite sink adapts to any kitchen style, classic or modern. The colors of the different models offered by Evhoc are:

  • black
  • grey-concrete
  • white
  • dove grey

The undermount sinks in Kuarzite by Evhoc make up the collection called Unicum:

  • Unicum L black: large version with single bowl in black
  • Unicum L grey-concrete: large version with single tank in grey-cement colour
  • Unicum L white: large version with single bowl in white
  • Unicum L dove grey: large version with single bowl in dove colour
  • Unicum S: small version with single bowl available in black, grey-cement, white and dove grey.

The bowl of the Unicum model has a height of 20 cm and is equipped with rounded corners to facilitate the cleaning of the sink.

The best undermount sinks by Evhoc

Choosing undermount sinks from Evhoc

Steel sinks, Kuarzite sinks, Evhoc undermount sinks are all designed and optimized to present high-quality kitchen products to the market.

Evhoc takes care of its collections down to the smallest detail: from the analysis of volumes to the choice of dynamic lines, capable of projecting the design of our undermount sinks into any style, like real decor elements.