Terms of service

A refund can be requested by the customer within 14 days of the date of delivery of the product, both in the event of a damaged product and in the event of an error or reconsideration of the customer.
If the product arrives damaged, the refund we make is equal to the total amount spent by the customer; if the error or change of mind is on the part of the customer, the refund is made net of shipping costs (20% of the purchase price).

Right of withdrawal

In compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 no. 206 (and subsequent amendments and additions), if the Consumer-Client is not satisfied with the products or the content of the services purchased from the Vendor, he/she may return the products or waive his/her right to the provision of services and obtain a refund of the price already paid in advance.

Method of use: For this purpose, the Customer must contact the Seller within 14 days of delivery of the products or within 14 days after the purchase of the services, by sending an email to icros.commerciale@gmail.com, containing all the necessary and useful information for the correct processing of the return and refund procedure. This communication must must contain everything indicated below:

a. the Customer’s express wish to withdraw in whole or in part from the purchase contract;

b. the number and copy of the document (invoice – transport document) proving the purchase of the order in respect of which you intend to exercise your right of withdrawal;

c. the description and codes of the Products in respect of which the right of withdrawal is exercised. The refund, including shipping costs, shall be made by the Vendor within 14 days of receipt of the above-mentioned communication by registered mail.

Following receipt of the communication with which the Customer communicates his or her wish to exercise the right of withdrawal, the Seller, after verifying compliance with the above-mentioned requirements, will agree with the Customer, also via e-mail, on how to return the products.