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DESIDERATA XS Desiderata XS is the Kuarzite overmount sink that combines advanced design with surprising functionality, offering an uncompromising kitchen experience even in compact spaces.

With a small single basin measuring 57×51 cm, Desiderata XS proves that greatness is not just about size but also about performance.

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Technical notes:
> 3” ½ drain hole;
> Pre-drilled hole for mixer Ø35;
> Built-in hole: 55×48 cm.
> Pre-assembled hooks
> Mounting accessories included



Desiderata XS's distinctive rim features 3 strategic pre-drilled holes, ideal for positioning additional accessories, while the integrated step represents an intelligent solution to extend the workspace, providing additional space for cutting boards or colanders.

Among the advanced features, the brand-new AcquaFlow drain with its chrome-plated top cover stands out, guaranteeing an innovative water filtration and drainage system. The basin's bottom, with a height of 20 cm, ensures ample capacity, while the inner corners, free of sharp edges with a radius of 8-10 mm, make cleaning an easy and quick operation. Additionally, the bottom step of the basin can be utilized to extend the workspace.


Available in elegant finishes including black, cement gray, white, and taupe, the Desiderata XS overmount sink perfectly adapts to any kitchen style, adding a touch of personality to your space. Details like the 3” ½ drain hole, the pre-drilled rim for the Ø35 mixer, and the cutout hole of 55x48 cm demonstrate attention to detail and versatility.

Complete your experience with the convenience of pre-mounted hooks and included mounting accessories, making the installation of Desiderata XS an intuitive and uncomplicated process. Choose the Desiderata XS overmount sink in Kuarzite for a perfect blend of compact design and extraordinary functionality, elevating your kitchen space to new levels of efficiency and style.


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