Black sinks for the kitchen: how to choose the best one?

Black sinks for the kitchen: how to choose the best one?

Black kitchen sinks are a bold and contemporary product and, at the same time, have the power to give personality to the entire home.

Choosing a black kitchen sink means choosing a touch of style that will certainly not go unnoticed. But how can you figure out which is the best black kitchen sink out of all those in the market?

Read this article in which we suggest how to find the most suitable black sink to satisfy all your needs, from aesthetic to functionality. In particular we will discover:

Why choose black kitchen sinks

Choosing black color in the kitchen is a new trend. It breaks those classic canons that characterize an environment usually conceived with light tones. This new tendency, capable of making black the protagonist, infuses a sophisticated and elegant imprint to any room in the house, including the kitchen.

But specifically, if we want to understand how to choose black kitchen sinks, we don't just have to dwell on a question of style. Let's find out below what are the benefits of black to keep in mind.

The strengths of black kitchen sinks

Taking a wider view, the black kitchen sinks can be equipped with accessories of any color, thus participating in the creation of a warm, welcoming and lively space, as occurs in light-colored environments.

Black also offers the advantage of easily hiding dirt, such as tiny food residues that often remain on the surface of the sink. Thanks to this ability, the presence of the black color makes daily cleaning more practical and faster.

This does not mean avoiding the daily sanitization of the sink but, at times, the meticulous cleaning would require the use of a certain amount of time, that can be limited.

Black sinks for the kitchen: how to choose the best one?

How to choose black kitchen sinks

The sink is a component in which numerous daily activities are carried out, so it is important to choose it, considering its functionality. Therefore, continuing with our advice, when choosing the washbasin it is also necessary to evaluate these factors:

  • Black kitchen sink material
  • Black sink typology
  • Number of bowls of the black kitchen sink

Let us now go into detail to deepen each point.

The best material for black kitchen sinks

Black kitchen sinks can be made from different materials. Among the most common in the market we find granite, stone, ceramic and stainless steel. Each of these materials assumes a number of advantages and disadvantages that affect fundamental key factors. By key factors we refer essentially to all those requirements that make the difference in the selection phase, i.e. they are useful for directing the decision on one product rather than another. We are talking about:

  • Lifetime of the sink
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Resistance to changes of temperature
  • General efficiency of the sink

Since we have already covered the most common materials in the previous article, now we would like to focus, in particular, on something more innovative: Kuarzite. Not familiar with this material?

Read on to discover all the potential of a compound designed and created to make high quality products. Products capable of incorporating all those characteristics that respond to an increasingly mindful and demanding market.

The properties of Kuarzite

Kuarzite is an exclusive material created by Evhoc, an Italian company that offers 100% made in Italy design products. Kuarzite is a compound obtained with granite, a natural stone, and acrylic resin. The properties of Kuarzite resume those of the two materials that compose it, presenting itself as an element, which is:

  • Waterproof
  • Non-toxic
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • Scratch resistant

We also have excellent news about Kuarzite's ability to maintain its beauty throughout the day, being an easy-to-clean material.

Finally, among the colors offered by Evhoc, for the Kuarzite sinks, there is also black, as well as the possibility of opting for concrete grey, white, oatmeal and dove grey.

The typology of black kitchen sinks

Kitchen sinks are made in three different models:

  • Overtop: the installation requires that the edge of the sink rest on the worktop.
  • Filotop: the installation embeds the sink directly flush with the worktop
  • Undermount: the installation ensures that the edge of the tub remains below the level of the worktop surface.

The models of the Evhoc black kitchen sinks have Overtop and Undermount installation. In the first version, the edge is designed to contain any liquid spills and protect the space around the sink. In the second, the absence of a visible joint between the worktop and sink gives the surface linearity and harmony.

Black kitchen sink 1 bowl or 2 bowls?

The choice of the number of basins also depends on some factors, such as:

  • Kitchen size
  • Specific space for installation
  • Environment style

Evhoc offers the possibility to choose both a 2-bowl black countertop sink and a 1-bowl black kitchen sink, both with or without drainer. The 1-bowl black kitchen sink, for example, is an excellent solution in the case of a small kitchen. With contained spaces, and a practical and modern design, the 1 bowl black kitchen sink adds an original touch of class to the environment.

Black sinks for the kitchen: how to choose the best one?

Try the black Kuarzite kitchen sink at your home

Still can't make a final decision? To help you really figure out which black kitchen sink is best for your home, we have a solution that definitely will clear your mind

Buy our Kuarzite Color Box. You will be able to touch the quality of the material in your home and to evaluate the choice of color by testing it in your kitchen. The Kuarzite Color Box contains samples of our exclusive compound in the three colors offered by Evhoc: black, white and concrete gray.

Once you have verified the beauty and practicality of the material at home, as well as having chosen the color you prefer, you will receive a discount code of the same value as the Box. You can use that code for your next purchase on all our Evhoc products.

With the discount code you can also buy black Kuarzite kitchen sinks: practical, elegant and innovative. Intended for those who want to choose an outstanding product that lasts over time.