5 natural tricks to clean a sink and keep it always shiny

5 natural tricks to clean a sink and keep it always shiny

After the article on cleaning stainless steel sinks, you asked us how to deal with those in other materials.

Here, too, the basic concept is simple: constant use of chemical products and detergents can be harmful to the surfaces, making them less shiny. On the contrary, there are several natural remedies that allow you to maintain the shine while ensuring a deep cleaning (as well as being much, much cheaper), let’s find them!

These recommendations are valid for composite material sinks, such as: acrylic stone and composite quartz. Among the most common trade names of these materials you can find: Kuarzite®, HI-MACS®, Lapitec®, Silestone®, Krion®, Paperstone®, Solid Surface, Silgranit®, Corian®, Fragranite® (Granitek®, Granit®, Ultragranit®, Microgranit® or Microultragranit®), Cristadur®, Ultraquartz®, Ultrametal® (or Metalquartz®), Vitrotek®, Grohe® k700, and many others.

1) Use a mixture of detergent and baking soda for daily cleaning.

A mixture of dishwashing detergent and bicarbonate of soda for daily use is the quickest and most recommended method.

2) For the removal of stubborn stains, use white vinegar (for about 4 hours).

White vinegar should be sprayed directly onto the surface and then left for about 4 hours. To prevent this from evaporating immediately, it is advisable to place sheets of baking paper on the sink dampened with vinegar.

3) Use a mixture of three parts cream of tartar and one part hydrogen peroxide.

Use a damp cloth to spread the entire mixture over the sink until it dries, then wipe with another damp cloth.

4) Use flour to make your sink shiny.

To brighten up the sink, simply sprinkle a little flour over the surface of the sink and wipe with a soft, dry cloth, then rinse with water.

5) Use olive oil to remove water stains.

Simply polish with a little olive oil by rubbing it in with a damp cloth, then wipe with a dry cloth.

In the coming weeks we will continue to publish recommendations of this kind… of course all suggestions, criticism and proposals are welcome.

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Happy cleaning!