Top 5 kitchen sinks by Evhoc

Top 5 kitchen sinks by Evhoc

Are you looking for kitchen sinks that combine design and functionality? Read the article to discover the 5 best Evhoc sinks perfect for your kitchen.

The sink is an important choice that will influence not only the aesthetic appearance of your kitchen but also its functionality and durability over time.

The sink is, in fact, one of the most used elements in the kitchen and therefore more subject to wear, scratches and knocks.

Precisely for this reason, if you are choosing your new sink, you should pay attention to a whole series of factors.

Aesthetics and design are essential to give character and personality to your kitchen, however you shouldn’t stop exclusively at the visual impact but also consider the quality of the materials and their functionality and practicality of use.

In this article we will tell you about our 5 best sinks, all 100% made in Italy and for each of which you can choose between different sizes and finishes.

In particular we will see:

What are the best sinks for the kitchen?

The choice of sinks for the kitchen cannot be distinct from that of the materials with which they are made.

Therefore, even before considering the size, your personal taste, the style of your home and the color, you would do well to pay attention to the selection of materials.

Choosing the best material for a kitchen sink means, in fact, making a safe purchase in terms of durability, functionality and ease of cleaning.

Our over forty years of experience on the market have led us to base our production on two materials, capable of combining an attractive design with high technical performance:

  • Certified AISI 304 stainless steel, which is the number one steel in the world in terms of resistance to rust, thermal shock, stains and acid substances and for ease of maintenance and durability. On an aesthetic level, it allows you to create kitchen sinks with an ultra-bright satin finish and a timeless design;
  • Kuarzite, an exclusive material created by us at Evhoc, obtained from an innovative mix of granite and acrylic resin which, on an aesthetic level, has the charm of natural stone. Kuarzite sinks are easy to clean, resistant to scratches and thermal shocks and able to adapt to any style.

Now let's see our 5 best sinks for your kitchen in stainless steel or Kuarzite.

Top 5 kitchen sinks by Evhoc

1. Desiderata L Sopratop, the perfect sink for a large family

Desiderata L Overtop represents the perfect combination of design and functionality. It is a Kuarzite overmount sink.

The overtop kitchen sinks, that is, which develop above the kitchen top, are the ideal choice if you prefer a classic design without sacrificing practicality.

The single large bowl (86x51cm), lends itself to meeting the needs of a large family or those who, more generally, want a large sink.

A distinctive feature of Desiderata L is the band with 5 holes, where you can place any accessories. The step that it has, on the other hand, is ideal for extending the worktop. You can, for example, place a chopping board or colander on it to expand the space on the top.

Desiderata L overtop is available in 4 different finishes to best match your kitchen.

2. Unicum L Undermount, minimal style and maximum space

Unicum is another sink from the Evhoc’s collections in Kuarzite.

Unicum L Undermount is characterized by its minimal design, thanks to the border hidden under the kitchen top.

Undermount sinks offer the advantage of avoiding dirt residues and water infiltrations, thanks to the continuity between the top and the sink.

This single bowl version, thanks to its large dimensions (76X44cm) may be the solution you are looking for if you love to cook and want a large and comfortable surface on which to move around easily.

The tub bottom is 20 cm wide and deep, for maximum capacity.

Also in this case you can choose between 4 different colors.

3. Adhoc L Overtop, two bowl kitchen sink with drainer

Adhoc is our most versatile kitchen sink collection. Available in one or two bowls and, depending on your tastes and needs, this line satisfies the needs of all worktops, from the smallest to the largest.

Specifically Adhoc L Overtop is a two-bowl Kuarzite sink with drainer. Ideal if you want to have two different spaces for washing food and dishes, for maximum hygiene.

The Large version measures a total of 116x50cm. while each tub measures 35x43 cm.

Choose from black, concrete gray and oatmeal the color that best suits your kitchen and your style.

Top 5 kitchen sinks by Evhoc

4. Deus M Overtop, the ideal sink for laminate kitchen worktops

If you prefer a classic and timeless style, an over-mount steel sink is the solution for you.

Our collection of Deus kitchen sinks, in particular, is ideal for all types of countertops, such as: laminate, quartz, stoneware and marble tops.

The Deus M Overtop, version, measuring 75x51cm, meets standard domestic needs. Thanks to its perforated band, it will allow you to easily install the mixer.

Like all Evhoc sinks, it features rounded internal corners to facilitate cleaning.

Its glossy scotch-brite satin finish will give an incredible luminosity to your kitchen.

5. Lumium M Undermount, timeless elegance

To be combined with any type of top, the kitchen sinks of the Evhoc Lumium collection are perfect on any worktop.

In the Lumium M Undermount, version, the 74x44cm sink is built into the kitchen top and will give your home timeless elegance and style.

Its formal cleanliness and minimalism will be perfect for a kitchen in a contemporary-style home.

If you want a larger sink, you can instead opt for the Extralarge Undermount version with two bowls.

Evhoc Lumium sinks are also available in three different sizes in the overmount variant.

Why choose Evhoc kitchen sinks?

We explained to you how the best sinks can only be produced using the best materials and showed you 5 of our top products.

Choosing an Evhoc sink means having the guarantee of a 100% made in Italy brand which, for over forty years, has been offering its customers products of the highest quality, with an attractive design, with an excellent quality/price ratio.

Not only kitchen sinks but also mixers and many accessories to combine with our collections, to create your kitchen in the name of beauty and functionality.

All with an eye to environmental sustainability: all of our production is in fact oriented towards eco-greenness and waste reduction. Furthermore, by shipping the goods directly to the final customer, the intermediate distribution steps and the related emissions related to transport are eliminated.

Finally, to renovate your kitchen, you won't have to wait very long. In fact, we guarantee delivery in 24/48 hours (only for Italy).